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Cowboys NFL : The Cowboys march to the Divisional Round has been surprising, if only because around midway through the season, there was chatter about Dallas collapsing and potentially firing Jason Garrett midseason.

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Up next is a matchup against the Rams in Los Angeles. The Cowboys are seven-point underdogs to the No. 2 seed Rams, so they could conceivably be blown out in this game. But there are a lot of people who believe Dallas could potentially win this matchup.

Even if the Cowboys lose, Garrett will still be able to hang his hat on an impressive second-half performance in 2018 that saw the Cowboys explode on offense and improve on defense. They were a great team after acquiring Amari Cooper.

What’s wild about Garrett’s tenure is he now the fifth-longest tenured head coach in the entire NFL, behind only Bill Belichick, Sean Payton, Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh. Garrett was hired the same season as Pete Carroll! Again, Jerry loves Garrett and he’s sticking by him and the further Garrett progresses in the playoffs the more money he makes on his forthcoming extension.

Sherrington: I think we’ve already seen Stephen’s influence and how it’s more mainstream than his father’s. It was Stephen who talked his dad out of taking Johnny Manziel and going with Zack Martin. Jerry told Stephen at the time that sometimes you’ve got to take a big swing. Sometimes that’s true, but Jerry took the big swing too often and missed too frequently. Stephen has some of his father in him, but, on the whole, he’s far more pragmatic, if not cautious.

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